Evan Nesbit // Light Farming, Heavy Gardening // March 25th – April 26th


Light Farming / Heavy Gardening


March 23rd – April 26th


‘Light Farming / Heavy Gardening’, SF Chronicle, March 21st, 2013


Installation view


Ever Gold Gallery is pleased to announce Evan Nesbit’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. A recent graduate of the Yale MFA program, Nesbit’s recent body of work includes mixed media paintings, perceptual objects, sculpture and interactive “space blankets”. Through exploration of painterly materials, visual process and participation from the public, this new body of work will explore the imbrication of patterns and experience that structures ones vision, suspended in doubt, sometimes cured in paint. Through the use of constructed “space blankets”, Nesbit challenges the viewer to interact with this exploration by taking refuge beneath their comfort, only to be immersed in the stereoscopic images produced by a pin hole camera effects.



BasketCase, 38 x 38 in. Acrylic, basket. 2013

Spoiled 2, 26 x 33 in. Acrylic, burlap. 2013



Fingered Study , 23 x 30 in. Acrylic and burlap. 2013

Untitled(Orange and purple), 8 x 10 in. Acrylic. wool. 2013

Untitled(breathy), 33 x 43 in. Cyanotype on burlap. 2013


Space Blankets:

“My Interest in binocular vision and the cognitive physicality of images, came directly out of issues within painting. This interest resulted in two years of research and collaboration with Michele Fitzhugh on an interactive art project. Our Space Blankets are haptic art objects in the form of a science project. Conflating the photosensitivity of an image produced by light with the painterly concerns of rendering space and depth through illusionistic visual cues. The handmade quilts are used by participants as perceptual tools which work as light deprivation blankets. An image imprinted on the viewer’s retina (via a lighting system installed in the gallery) will render depth in the resulting “after-image” by over-stimulating the retina. This will allow the viewer to register the resulting “after-images” in a darkened field of view under the blankets. Participants first condition their eyes under the Space Blankets for 5-10 minutes. Once a participant’s eyes are sufficiently photosensitive, they can then briefly expose their retina by looking into to the light filled exhibition space for 2-5 seconds.Tucking back under the Space Blanket, a participant’s eyes will mechanically adjust. They will experience binocular vision and full depth of seemingly interior vision. In effect, the installation will turn one’s head into a stereoscopic pinhole camera, one which reconstructs a dynamic image of fellow participants in the exhibition space, shrouded in the colorfully crafted blankets and quilts awaiting visions.”

Performance documentation, Yale University, 2012




50 x 67 in. Acrylic, cotton, wool polyester, oil cloth and metal. 2013 collaboration with Michele Fitzhugh

50 x 67 in. Acrylic, cotton, wool polyester, oil cloth and metal. 2013 collaboration with Michele Fitzhugh






Evan Nesbit

b. 1985

Lives and works in Nevada City, California


Master of Fine Arts, Yale University, 2012

Bachelor of Fine Arts, San Francisco Art Institute, 2009

Awards and Honors:

Ely Harwood Schless Memorial Fund Prize, Yale University. 2012

SECA Award nominee, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 2012

Solo Exhibitions:


Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, CA


JESTORIAL, Motus Fort Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibitions:


Surfaces, Supports. Tatiana Berg / Evan Nesbit, curated by David Harper. Storefront Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Superpositions, New Wight Biennial, UCLA New Wight Gallery, Los Angels, CA

A Gleeful and Relentless Forward Moving of Time, Carmichael Gallery, Culver City, CA

Summer Group Show, Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Eyes off the Flag, Motus Fort,Tokyo, Japan

Eyes off the Flag, Koki Arts,Tokyo, Japan

Light Farming / Heavy Gardening, MFA Painting Thesis, Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT



Water McBeer @ Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, CA

MFA 2012, Yale University School of Art



MFA 2012, Yale University School of Art

Strange and Constant, Marissa Textor / Evan Nesbit, Park Life, CA



Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA



Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Jimenez-Colon Collection, Puerto Rico

Sierra College, CA