Jeremiah Jenkins, May 5th- June 9th

Jeremiah Jenkins

“Shit doesn’t have to be so fucked up”

May 5th – June 9th

Opening Reception: Saturday May 5th, 6-10pm

Ever Gold Gallery presents “Shit doesn’t have to be so fucked up”, a solo exhibition by artist Jeremiah Jenkins.  Jeremiah’s work is known for his clever, humorous, and poignant use of materials.  He is the winner of the 2011 award for bravery and trusted keeper of the sword of truth.  Jeremiah lives and works from a cave deep in the Secret Mountains.  “Shit doesn’t have to be so fucked up” is a show processing the realities of our culture, timeline, and species from a material/spiritual perspective.  Ever Gold Gallery is in the heart of the tenderloin and is convenient distance from a number of long term stay hotels.  This is Jenkins second solo exhibition with the gallery.



“We live in a world where things are pretty fucked up.  Organisms are either trampled or eaten by larger organism or shut down from the inside by smaller ones.  Vital water falls from the sky, rushes through valleys, and sloshes around in giant pools.  Electricity shoots suddenly to the ground burning everything it touches.  Air moves and blows away mountains.  Humans have come up with a lot of shit to make things easier.  Easy shelter, easy food, easy survival.  But somehow all of our shit got fucked up on its own.  It’s my belief that things don’t have to be that way.”

-Jeremiah Jenkins, April 2012

“I once asked a psychic to tell me about my art. He said, “you go out into the world and get one thing and a different thing and bring them together into one to show truth.”The old ladies that smelled like peppermint at my grandmothers’ church told me that magic was the devil’s work. One of my ancestors was burned at the stake for being a warlock. Now I believe that magic is simply creating the world around you. Most of my work comes from mystic visions from dreams, the internet, or from psychometry (receiving images from touching objects).When I was 11, a friend of my mother’s came to our house to meet with my grandfather. My grandfather showed up and opened the back hatch of his baby blue Plymouth Omni. He pulled the carpet aside and began to lay out several handguns. My mother’s friend began test firing them at two large logs stacked on top of each other. On his last shot with the Glock 9mm, the gun he ended up buying, the top log fell off. While the men started exchanging cash I ran up to the target. The last bullet had gone in between the logs and stopped. It was laying there at the end of a grove carved into the exposed wood grain. This experience is also a big influence for my work.”

-Jeremiah Jenkins


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Jeremiah Jenkins "Blue Collar Bushido", hardware, industrial mats, mechanics jacket, trash can, varied dimensions

Jeremiah Jenkins "Inner Attainment", tv, deer hide and antlers, wood 36"x24"x20"