Owen Takabayashi, Residency Program

Biyearly Residency Program Featuring

Owen Takabayashi

Residency: August 11th– 31st

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 1st , 6-10pm

Exhibition runs until: September 23rd

Images/ Inventory of Owen’s new body of work

Ever Gold Gallery is pleased to announce the second edition of their biyearly residency program. Designed to give emerging artists a space to express their vision, the three-week residency and subsequent exhibition generates a new body of work specific to each individual artist’s encounter with the site. San Francisco-based Japanese American artist, Owen Takabayashi, has previously had two solo exhibitions in Ever Gold’s project space. For Takabayashi’s new body of work and site-specific installation he will be appropriating the utility of found, mass-produced objects.


Through semiological deconstruction Takabayashi’s investigations into themes of departure and spirituality will, during the exhibition, take on sculptural and flat forms. His Japanese roots mixed with his experience of American culture has caused him to recontextualize contemporary spirituality and in doing so question the importance of cultural devices fabricated and implemented by those misguiding current culture.


With conceptual nodes to Joseph Beauys’ 1974 performance, “I like America and America Likes Me”, which recontextualized man and America’s global roll, Takabayashi will create a new interaction with the elements of local vs. global by “living” with this discarded junk, thus making it sustained and localized. Through his process, Takabayashi also places himself in the area between art and craftsmanship where the objects not only take on new meanings but new physical functions as well; a proletarian form of Assemblage.


Studio Visits Available, please contact Ever Gold Gallery