March Program


Pig Roast in the Tenderloin from Austin Rhodes on Vimeo.


Spatial Exploration Installation by Andris Kasparovics from Ever Gold Gallery on Vimeo.


Selected Press for March Program


SF Weekly, Tom Marioni, Published March 2011

Drink Yourself Creative

By Heidi De Vries

The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art. Agree or disagree, it’s the name of San Francisco artist Tom Marioni’s most famous work and a good starting point to his approach to creativity. Since 1970, the same year he founded the Museum of Conceptual Art, Marioni has invited friends over once a week to be social and drink beer as an artistic gesture focused on action rather than on any single object. It was a radical notion at the time and is still worth considering. In 2008 Marioni enacted Drinking Beerat SFMOMA for the run of its “The Art of Participation” exhibit, turning the museum’s Koret Visitor Education Center into a makeshift bar once a week tended by friends and special guests. Now Marioni gets the art party started in the Tenderloin for one night during Gentleman’s Club week, a gallery’s playful take on the city’s secretive all-male institution the Bohemian Club. Fortunately for us, all genders are welcome here, and Marioni takes on the role of stand-up comic as he delivers a routine called “Beer, Art, Philosophy, and Jokes.” We’re hoping for gossip about Marioni associates such as John Cage and Ed Ruscha, but there’s one thing you can count on for sure: Beer.


The Tender Website, Charles Linder, Published March 2011

Roasting boar as a form of art

Last July Charles Linder had a show at Ever Gold Gallery that was one of the most talked about shows we’ve seen in a while. Not only because of the nature of the pictures on display, but also because of his performance during the opening night cutting off the jaws of 3 wild boar heads that he had hunted in northern California. (If you were so inclined, you can watch the videos of the carnage over at Fecal Face.)

Charles Linder (aka Cash Cowboy) is an artist and a peculiar character, an artist and an art collector, an aspiring member of the Bohemian Club and an avid boar hunter. Last Friday, outside of Ever Gold, on the sidewalk of O’Farrell, he roasted one that he had killed a few weeks ago. Needless to say, he attracted all sorts of attention and filled up the whole street with delicious smelling smoke. It felt like all sorts of wrong.

The whole operation lasted nearly 6 hours (a bit longer than planned), but unfortunately we didn’t get to sample it. Judging by how it looked and smelled we obviously wish we had…

The pig-roasting “performance” was part of the special March programming at Ever Gold, which included four days of what they called “The Ever Gold Gentleman’s Club” with the aim of turning partying into art. For that purpose they installed an impressive full-sized makeshift bar inside the gallery (it seems impossible, but these guys managed) and served free PBR to the visitors the whole weekend. And on Friday, roasted piggie, too.

Now, we can’t wait until next month when Andrew and Greg, the Ever Gold guys, will turn the gallery into a real laundromat…



SF Guardian, Black Gold, Published March 2011

Clean out your closets and get ready for a night of transformation that brings up-cycling to a whole new level. Combining performance art with spiritual and physical metamorphosis, artists Joshua Short and Otto Von Busch will be joining forces with the Dark Satanic Northern European Arts and the American Junk Culture to turn your junk into gold – conceptually, of course.