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SF’s ‘Art Mecca Weekend’: May 19-22

Published May 11th, 2011

By David M. Roth

As for ArtPadSF, the Phoenix hotel event, you could call it the un-fair or the anti-fair. But don’t think of it as a hotel fair like those on Miami’s Collins Avenue where galleries hang paintings floor-to-ceiling in shabby, cramped rooms. The Phoenix’s rooms are spacious and chic and the dealers, many of them first-time fair exhibitors, have been asked to exercise taste by not showing – salon-style — every artist in their stables. “Going to a hotel room to see art is going to be a lot different than going to a big open-exhibition space,” Director Maria Jenson observes. “One is not better than the other; it’s just that art is designed to be experienced in a number of different contexts.” The Phoenix “makes it very intimate and it invites people to actually get to know the artists and the dealers. It’s a very social setting, and that’s what I think is most unique about it.” But that’s not all. Blackrock, the producer of Burning Man, is programming the music. Jasmine Moorhead, of Oakland’s Krowswork, a photo and video gallery, will be projecting videos outdoors onto a six-story wall. Artforum critic and instructor Glen Helfand is curating an event intriguingly titled “Swimming Pool Social Sculpture”.  And Cathy Kimball, executive director of the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, will moderate a photography panel. Exhibitors include: Michael Rosenthal, Johansson Projects, Krowswork, Swarm and Ever Gold, White Walls, and Steven Wolf; the former Mission District gallerist, Jack Hanley, from New York; and even three well-regarded Geary Street dealers: Gregory Lind, Patricia Sweetow, Toomey Tourell and McLoughlin Gallery, a newcomer to the block.

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