David Marc Grant and Chadwick Heath Moore: “Plastastik

Published March 17, 2010

By Traci Vogel

During a recent walk along the Bay Trail, I was drawn in by a beach at San Bruno Point. Littering the high-tide line was the jetsam of a disposable culture. Everywhere you looked, there were plastic objects: flip-flops, pen caps, toys, water bottles, rubber gloves, contact lens cases, and thousands of unidentifiable bits. Floating gyres of plastic now occupy a large section of the Pacific Ocean. Many artists have responded by using plastic garbage as a medium, and Chadwick Heath Moore‘s assemblages are lovely examples of the form. He pairs with painter David Marc Grant to offer a show that is both rainbow-bright and poignant. Many of Grant’s geometric-patterned paintings depict a futuristic world where plastic bergs exist with Seussian factories, which play nicely with Moore’s floating clouds of colorful junk. In one corner, Moore mixes blue neon with an explosion of water bottles, bags, wire, Christmas lights, and Easter eggs to form a jellyfish from the plastic lagoon. This may be what the sea dreams of these days.

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