Adam Parker Smith

Seriously: Works by Adam Parker Smith at Ever Gold Gallery

Published May 8, 2014

By Laura Jaye Cramer

Adam Parker Smith received a lot of media attention for his 2013 show, “Thanks.” The New York-based artist showed a selection of pieces from over 70 different artists, and it may have seemed like a run-of-the-mill group collection at first glance. It wasn’t. Parker Smith stole each piece from the various artists.

Part prankster, part curator, Smith hoped to open up a discussion about sharing (and stealing) ideas. It payed off; all of the artists, after being notified of the theft, agreed to let him show their works and seemed to find the whole process pretty funny. This way of thinking, this element of dark comedy, he brings to his upcoming solo show, “Seriously,” at Ever Gold Gallery.

“I would say that my work has a lot of humor in it but it operates in a way that is not necessarily joyful,” he explains. “Comedy, I find, isn’t 100 percent funny. I think comedy has a lot to do with tragedy too and the things that we find humorous are not always because they give us joy.”

This exhibition features his own work; photography and sculpture. One photograph depicts a pair of legs hanging several stories off the ground — we see the pavement below as if we were the subject clinging to the side of the building.

The piece, “Absurd,” seems to poke fun at at the frailty of life and the idea of mortality; the idea of absurdity is a major theme of “Seriously.”

Smith says of his show, “It has to deal with the absurd and the absurd at its core meaning, which is — we try to seek meaning in a life that probably, ultimately has none.” Bleak or amusing? Smith laughs and says dryly, “That’s sort of the human condition.”

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