Guy Overfelt

Published on April 13, 2011

By Kimberly Chun

Bubbling: Bearded hipsters and art aficionados lined the walls at last Thursday’s opening of Guy Overfelt‘s “Ever Wash” show at Ever Gold Gallery (through April 28). The artist has transformed the jewelry store-turned-gallery into a sparse, faux Laundromat. For Overfelt, the installation was triggered by post-Great Recession musings on America’s economic divides. “In movies and books, Laundromats are often intimate, romantic places. The stereotypical scene usually involves a couple meeting because their underwear has been mixed up, and a sudden discovery that they are both reading Proust,” he says. “I do find them intriguing as meeting points, as theatrical spaces that prompt dialog and meditation on one’s life as your socks fly through the dryer.” Also up for pondering: back-room pieces like “This Is Not a Pipe” – a clever take on both René Magritte‘s surrealist work and your average beer bong – and “I Rock,” strategically modified Rolling Rock neon signage.

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