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Adam Parker Smith “Forever 21″ at Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco

Published December 2nd, 2012

In his second solo show at Ever Gold Gallery, Adam Parker Smith presents a collection of works that metamorphous from prank like shrugs into finely calibrated tools for the imperceptible transfer of ideas. Behind the guise of adolescent like observations of universal conundrums the cognitive catalysts contained in each work make it past the security of our better judgment, nagging at our insecurities and shattering any sense of complacency. Forever 21 offers reflections on the juvenile moments that imprint our memory and shape our adult perspectives on larger concepts of hope, triumph, faith and humility.

At once jocular and sincere, the work for Forever 21 functions similarly to the comedic device of the one-liner. The delivery is concise and meaningful. Smith’s enigmatic marriage proposal composed of thousands of sewn together friendship bracelets, or his 1/16 model of a Volkswagen Bug fit into a hand blown glass bottle operate immediately and universally with the simplicity of a joke or earnest prank. Smith invites further consideration, conversation and colloquy through his ability to navigate a suggested irreverence while maintaining sincere empathy for his subject matter.

Approaching his metanarrative from an array of angles, each work varies drastically from the next in both immediate subject matter and form. Gyneocentric bound foam sitting atop bundled faux-marble formica pedestals contrast against a condensation filled framed Mathew Broderick poster the exclaims “Leisure Rules”, and a watermelon with a suggestively penetrable glowing hole.

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