The Huffington Post

Fair Game: Is San Francisco a Player in This Art Arena?

Published May 22nd, 2012

By Glenn Helfand

“The next day, over at artMRKT, a slicker presentation in a more conventional setting, things seemed solid — a few dealers said they were making sales and that their opening party was a smashing success, with endless hors d’ouevres platters and long lines at the open bar (ArtPad’s moved to cash status fairly quickly). There was nothing much out of the ordinary — most of the galleries were San Francisco based — other than the somewhat expected presence of Occupy by Jeremiah Jenkins, and young artist who constructed a tent on a carpeted throughway.

Even if it was sanctioned by the fair — and sponsored by his gallery, the upstart Ever Gold Gallery. Jenkins may have gotten his equations confused claimed to be just a miniscule fraction of the 1% — the playful funkiness of his hand scrawled signs had a proletariat quality. But the issue of marginalization might just be a fitting thing, in San Francisco, where the art market has always been on the edge of more prominent art cities. It’s a stable situation that even three battling fairs won’t change. But they might sway us with parties.”

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